Easton has bought out Beman.  The new Bow Hunters come with a compound nock. You will need to purchase other nocks if that is what you want.  We have updated the nock pic. The S (Super) Nock fits these shafts.


Beman ICS® Bowhunter™ carbon arrow shafting from Beman Arrows features everything a bowhunter needs. Quiet draws with the non-glare matte finish, excellent energy retention, and the perfect combination of speed, durability, and price. They say archery is a sport of trade-offs, but with our Beman ICS® Bowhunter™ you get it all. Easton S nocks installed, inserts included.

Please note, these shafts have a length tolerance of ±½”.

  • High-strength, seamless ICS C2 carbon construction
  • Black, micro-smooth finish
  • Direct-fit S Nock installed
  • Aluminum Inserts included
  • Sold by the 6-pack and dozen

Beman ICS® Bowhunter™ Carbon Shafting Specifics

Spine Point GPI Length Insert Nock Point
500 5/16″ 7.3 31½” 21 gr S L
400 5/16″ 8.4 32″ 21 gr S B B
340 5/16″ 9.3 32½” 21 gr S C C
Straightness  ±.006″        Weight  ±2gr          Length  ±½”

Beman Bowhunter Shafts


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