Ready to Shoot, feather-fletched, pointed, and nocked, the Vector is a high-strength, all- carbon shaft for low-weight, compound and recurve bows, from 10 to 29 lbs up to 27” draw. 

 Sizes: 1400

Vector shafts are ideal for beginners needing a durable, lightweight carbon arrow with good rest clearance and forgiveness for finger shooters.

  • Ideal for beginners looking for higher performance
  • Durable wrapped carbon construction
  • Nocks and 65-grain points installed—ready to shoot
  • Shield-feather fletch
  • Available in 1400 spine
  • Available in 1 each
  • 28″ length


Easton Arrows 1400 Spine

In stock

Cut Shaft To Length

Enter cut length. We cut from the throat of the nock to the tip of the shaft.

Install Factory Inserts

We install inserts with Quick Stick Hot Melt Glue.

Install Custom Inserts

Choose option below if you wish to have custom inserts installed. Prices vary.

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