FLETCHED & Ready to Shoot!!!

 Spine Available: 600, 800, 1000, 1200 & 1400 Spine 

Sold in Easton Factory Fletched configurations only.

Custom Fletching is not available with this product.  If you need more choices in Feather Colors, Spine, Insert, Points, Broadheads or other customization, please consider our other carbon arrow shafts where you can build to your specifications.


Vector shafts are ideal for beginners needing a durable, lightweight carbon arrow with good rest clearance and forgiveness for finger shooters.

  • Ideal for beginners looking for higher performance
  • Durable wrapped carbon construction
  • White Nocks and 65-grain points installed—ready to shoot
  • Shield-feather fletch
  • Available in 600, 800, or 1200 spine
  • Arrow lengths detailed below
Easton’s New Vector is a 4mm 100% carbon-fiber arrow engineered using the same high-performance processes used in advanced tournament arrows, but priced for value conscious consumers, making the Vector ideal for archers who may be getting started in target archery or quickly progressing to higher poundage bows and needing to change arrow setups to match. 

All Vector arrows come pre-cut to length and ready-to-shoot with:

Factory fletched 2” feathers

Preinstalled nocks (WHITE NOCK ONLY)

 65-grain field point installed  

Compatible with a wide-range of standard 4mm components….other inserts, points or nocks as available

Ready-to-shoot club/beginner target arrow:   These are set up from the factory to be the perfect arrow for clubs, recreational archery ranges and beginners of all ages.

Factory Details: 

  • Multi-layer wrapped 100% carbon-fiber construction
  • 4mm parallel design 
  • Straightness checked 
  • Weight matched 


Easton VECTOR Carbon Arrow: 1200, 800, or 600 Spine (Sold by the Each)

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