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Big Jim’s Exotic Bow Woods

We like building special one of a kind bows and the wood you choose is a big part of that. This page shows you a good representation of the woods we have in our shop. As you can see, these woods will really make your bow special. Remember that wood is a natural product and each tree is unique. The wood you order can’t match the pictures you see here exactly, but it should look very similar. As always, we’d like you to call us to discuss not only the woods you’d like in your bow, but also to discuss the exact wood we have here. We can describe it to you in relationship to the pictures we have on our website. If you’re going…

Gear at a Glance

It’s important to choose a bow that is not too heavy. When getting started, Big Jim recommends men start with a 40 lb bow, and women choose something in the 25-30 lb range. Longbow: A straight bow with one curve from end to end, the longbow is D-shaped with bowstring loops that touch the limb nocks. Recurve bow: Similar construction to a longbow, a recurve bow has more than one curve to add spring quality and power. Arrows: Considered the most important piece of equipment, poor quality arrows are impossible to shoot accurately. Made with a straight shaft of wood with a nock that allows the arrow to rest on the string, feathers stabilize the flight giving the tip the best shot to hit the…