Traditional Archery

Traditional archery goes back at least 70,000 years and has a long history of providing protection and food for the human race. There is historical evidence that bows and arrows were the primary weapon in Egypt as early as 3500BC. By 1600AD, firearms had developed and guns transitioned to man’s primary weapon of choice, particularly during wartime. Archery continued as art form and sport for hunting, and was named an Olympic sport in 1900.

Traditional archery requires the right gear and a dedication to the craft. Fast forward to the twenty-first century, and traditional archers continue to enjoy the thrill of the hunt using recurve and long bows. It’s vital to match the bow to the archer – so be sure to get pros like Big Jim or his team to help you.

While the majority of gear on the archery market today is focused on compound bows (which require less time and skill to shoot), movies such as Hunger Games and Brave have revived new interest in traditional archery – with a brand new generation of enthusiasts. Shooting with a longbow or recurve bow requires instinct and skill – plus the ability to judge distance without additional tools. Aficionados relish the level of attention and concentration required to master the sport.

“I ordered a 58″ Thunderchild, 53” @ 28″, two-piece takedown, and a beaver tail grip (glad you recommended this, Jim). I am EXTREMELY pleased with this bow! I build my own bows from wood I cut myself so I am a picky person when it comes to my bows. The bow I purchased from you is not only a gorgeous bow, but a deadly beast that holds nothing back. I have had so many compliments about it, especially when I break it down for travel. Jaws drop when I throw it in the quiver and climb up a rock face!


Both Big Jim and Debbie were very helpful and kind with the whole process of getting me exactly what I wanted! Thank you again so much for everything, I am eyeing a Buffalo bow next! ~ John

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