VPA 2 Blade Broadhead Screw-In (Single or Double Bevel)



The VPA 2-Blade Broahead is a solid broadhead.  It is machined from solid high carbon tool grade steel.  This, along with a special heat treating process, provides the perfect balance of edge retention and strength.  The broadhead is PTFE coated for penetration and corrosion resistance.  The broadhead comes sharpened and is easily sharpened.  This broadhead has no weld lines with precision to give you perfect flight every time. The broadhead sports a pyramid style chiseled point give the broadhead “bone-splitting” strength.

Each broadhead is spin tested prior to packaging to ensure perfect flight at any speed.

“A-Z Power!” From Antelope to Zebra or what ever your game may be, this broadhead will take care of business.

Compatible with all bow and arrow combinations.

Put VPA 2 Blade Broadheads in your quiver and experience why we say, “This Ain’ t Your Daddy’s Broadhead!”™

These broadheads have the following features:

1 1/8 inch cutting diameter

Spin tested

PTFE coated for better penetration

Cut on impact design

Made from high carbon steel

Solid broadhead – aids in penetration and creates less noise while in flight


Made in the USA

VPA 2 Blade Specifications

Broadhead Color Cutting Diameter Over-All Length Blade Length Blade Thickness
2 Blade Vented 125 gr. Screw-In
(Not Shown)
BLK 1-1/8″ 1.9″ 1.18″ .051″
2 Blade Non-Vented 150 gr. Screw-In BLK 1-1/8″ 1.9″ 1.18″ .047″
2 Blade Non-Vented 175 gr. Screw-In BLK 1-1/8″ 2.15″ 1.35″ .054″
2 Blade Non-Vented 200 gr. Screw-In BLK 1-1/8″ 2.40″ 1.65″ .054″
2 Blade Non-Vented 250 gr. Screw-In BLK 1-1/8″ 2.70″ 1.90″ .070″
2 Blade Non-Vented 300 gr. Screw-In BLK 1-1/8″

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