Sideklick Draw Check Clicker


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The Sideklick Traditional

* Draw Check Clicker

* Improve accuracy with consistent draw length

* Helps control target panic

* You won’t want to shoot without it

* Instructions included in package

Comes with Glue pad, disc, sliderbar, clicker and 10-24 screw

                  The Sideklick is a drawcheck or clicker that indicates the archer is at full draw by making an audible click. The sideklick mounts on the outside of the riser perpendicular to the side of the arrow shaft with space between the magnet and arrow shaft.The magnet will strike the side of the arrow making a click,when the arrow point is drawn back even with the clicker magnet.
 You make the click happen at your draw length by adjusting clicker and/or arrow length.
The Sideklick with Long Sidebar
The Sideklick Traditional with long slidebar is designed to mount on metal risers with double plunger holes.
The front hole is used to mount clicker with long slidebar for offshelf shooting.
For elevated rest shooting,screw sideklick in front plunger hole.
This model comes with longslidebar, 5/16-24 mounting screw and instruction sheet.
Sideklick Tech Support: 931-224-7024 (CT) Hours: 10:00 am to 6:00 pm Monday thru Friday.

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