BIG JIM’s Signature Tab (3-Under or Split Finger)


Hand Crafted at Big Jim’s Bow Company by our Custom Leather Craftsmen!
Finest USA heavyweight cowhide tab plate designed to take advantage of the string indexing qualities of target tabs, but shaped to eliminate face interference, for the higher anchors typically used by barebow archers.
Top quality Shell Cordovan leather face. ……simply the best!
Tight grained calf backing to maintain shape and enhance durability
Absolute consistent stitch spacing and location…string walkers can be assured stitching will result in repeatable crawls every tab.
5 year Guarantee……no matter how much you shoot!
Tabs measure:
X-Large     3″
Large.       2 3/4″
Medium.   2 1/2″
Small.       2 1/4″

Comes in 3 Finger Under and Split Finger
*There can be slight variations in color*

If you have purchased a tab and have used it, It can not be returned!!!

(Unless under our 5 year manufacturer defect Guarantee.  Call the office for details in this instance)

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