Ozark Feather Company – Shield Cut Feather


For over 11,000 years, natural feather fletching has been the high-tech choice for fletching any arrow. Feather fletching offers an unbeatable combination of extremely light weight, high strength, fold-down forgiveness, and aerodynamic “grip.” No man-made material comes close.

Real turkey feathers

Left Wing or Right Wing

4 Inch or 5 Inch

Assortment of Solid and Barred Colors : Flo Yellow Barred is currently not available.

Sold by the Dozen or 50 Pack

Shield-cut only

Vendor Info: Since Ozark Feather Company LLC began over 25 years ago, the company has grown from a small family operation to a multi-national corporation serving many industries in countries around the globe. Nestled in the Ozarks just outside of Historic Carthage, Missouri, is a rare nugget of American success: Ozark Feather LLC.  Over the years, part of what has made Ozark Feather LLC thrive has been our dedication to quality and innovation, which has revolutionized the feather industry in several areas. We at Ozark Feather LLC enjoy serving our customers with what we believe is the best in feather quality.

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