“Full Length” Shield Cut Trueflight Feathers


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Full Length Feather Available in Quantity of 12 or 48 Pack

Shield Cut “True Flight” Feathers

NOTE:  Total Quantity of 100 or more of any ONE color option will require special order. Shipment will be slightly delayed.

Available in Left Wing or Right Wing in an assortment of solid and barred colors

Approximately 11″ Long

For over 11,000 years natural feather fletching has been the high-tech choice for fletching any arrow. Feather fletching offers an unbeatable combination of extremely light weight, high strength, fold down forgiveness, and aerodynamic “grip”. No man made material comes close.

Trueflight Feathers have been the world leader in arrow fletching for over 50 years. Every Trueflight Feather is hand processed and hand inspected at least 3 times before leaving our plant. All of our gathering and processing is done entirely in the U.S. under U.S. labor and environmental laws.


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