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Takedown kit

Making a carbon/ fiberglass takedown sleeve is made easier with this ready to use kit.

Included in the 16 oz kit: One 50 yard roll of fiberglass tape, Five yards of carbon tape (not included in image), and enough resin to make approximately 5 sleeves.

The Quart Sized Kit includes: Two 50 yard rolls of fiberglass tape, Ten yards of carbon tape, and enough resin to make approximately 10 sleeves.

Other items needed but not included in the above kits are: Release Agent and Dye.

16 oz kit is $89.99 and Quart Kit is $159.99


Part 1–https://youtu.be/ByxnlRc0ePc

Part 2–https://youtu.be/rNt9xvzAWmk

Part 3–https://youtu.be/a0BsgPJuJ-4

Part 4–https://youtu.be/CyQsIsI14hc

Part 5–https://youtu.be/hPcY0Gl5Zg4

Part 6–https://youtu.be/DGTh9ho_hXo

Part 7–https://youtu.be/y-u2yB7p_IM

Part 8–https://youtu.be/FMEj-Ug5-bs

Part 9–https://youtu.be/2qVpkEhwymo

Part 10–https://youtu.be/HysziIG4Jgs

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