Smooth-On Epoxy


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EA40 Clear Amber Epoxy is an unfilled low-Viscosity epoxy adhesive that can be spread easily in thin films that are almost transparent after curing.

When mixed 2A:1B by volume, EA40 will achieve greater heat resistance and improved physical properties.

If suitability for a specific product is in doubt, a small scale test is recommended.

PREPARATION: limited shelf life – use as soon as possible. Store and use at 73°F/23°C. All surfaces must be warm, clean and dry. Etch or sand all surfaces and wipe clean with fast evaporating solvent.

MIX RATIO: 1A : 1B by weight or volume. Thoroughly mix Parts A and B and apply with applicator stick. Pot life is 2 hours and cure time is 24 hours at 73°F23°C. Apply in uniform thickness and compress as needed. Clean uncured resin using acetone or similar solvent.

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