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Big Jim’s Exotic Bow Woods

We like building special one of a kind bows and the wood you choose is a big part of that. This page shows you a good representation of the woods we have in our shop. As you can see, these woods will really make your bow special. Remember that wood is a natural product and each tree is unique. The wood you order can’t match the pictures you see here exactly, but it should look very similar.

As always, we’d like you to call us to discuss not only the woods you’d like in your bow, but also to discuss the exact wood we have here. We can describe it to you in relationship to the pictures we have on our website.

If you’re going to order a custom bow from Big Jim, you might as well pick the wood that you really prefer.

To discuss your bow, call Big Jim at: 229-420-5669

  • black myrtle
  • bocote
  • bubinga
  • chechem
  • cocobolo
  • curly anigre
  • ebony black and white
  • ebony dalmation
  • ebony gaboon
  • ebony macassar
  • elm carpathian
  • eucalyptus
  • goncalo alves
  • ipe
  • ironwood desert
  • juniper
  • kingwood
  • koa
  • limba black
  • locust black
  • locust honey
  • maple ambrosia
  • maple birdseye
  • maple curly
  • maple quilted
  • maple spalted
  • marblewood
  • myrtle burl
  • myrtle tiger
  • olive
  • osage orange
  • padauk
  • pink ivory
  • purpleheart
  • red elm
  • redwood burl
  • rosewood brazilian
  • russian olive
  • sapele curly
  • sapele
  • shedua
  • snakewood
  • sycamore
  • tamo ash
  • texas ebony
  • tulipwood
  • verawood
  • walnut black
  • walnut burl
  • wenge
  • yew
  • zebrawood
  • zircote