Big Jim’s Yukon Bow (Deposit)


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As of 01/01/2021, the current wait time is an estimated 9 months from the time of the deposit to delivery.

Introducing our new Yukon Bow, our American Style Longbow (AFL). D-style longbow, some call it “Old School”. This longbow comes in 66 – 69 inch lengths in your choice of our custom wood in one or two piece options.  Any draw weight at any draw length, a true traditionalist dream.

Fashioned in the style of Howard Hills bows, he made famous in the 1930s-1950s as the “The Worlds Greatest Archer”.

Smooth drawing bow with no hand shock….Old School brought into new light…..  These bows are personally hand crafted by Big Jim and James Parker.  He will guide you through the process of selecting woods, weight, length, grip, horn over lays,etc.   Search through an incredible amount of one-of-kind wood veneers in our inventory, and ask about woods not advertised on our website.  We have all sorts of hidden custom options not mentioned on our website, a phone call truly is the only way to find out what kind of secret options Big Jim has up his sleeve.

Whether you choose a 1 or 2 piece Yukon, with or with out special horn overlays, and or snake skinned limbs you will no doubt be satisfied.

Basic Yukon is $625

Options Available:

Right or Left Hand–N/C

Bow Length–66″ or  69″  N/C

Bow Weight–25# to 100# @ 28″ N/C

Grip Size–Small, Medium or Large N/C

Take Down Options–

       2 piece—$160.00

      Beaver Tail Grip—$60.00

Horn Overlays—$60.00

Horn Tips—$60.00

Extra String—$21.99

Snake Skin Backing:



Woods–You may choose from 60 plus woods that Big Jim stocks. Due to the extensive list of woods and configurations, it would be impossible to list them all here. Please see our wood options page for pics of a few of the woods we carry. Some woods have an upcharge.

Shipping is a flat $25.00 in the US. International will be determined at time of shipment.

*These are custom built bows. There is a wait time involved. Please contact us to inquire about the current wait time. (as of 01/01/2018, the current wait time is an estimated 14 months from the time of the deposit to delivery.   We will do our best to deliver in less time if possible.

*To get on the wait list requires a $100 Deposit. With the balance to be paid prior to shipment of the bow. Just place the bow in the cart and pay the deposit.

**REFUNDS—We will refund 70% of your deposit as long as we are notified prior to the start of the build.

*We do not need to know your specs when you order. Jim will contact you prior to the start of your build. At that time he will go over all the specs with you.  You may change anything including bow model when Big Jim contacts you to build your bow.


Feel free to contact us with any questions about your order or placing an order for a custom bow.  You probably will not hear from Big Jim until your name comes up.

” I understand that is a long time to wait for a bow. 

I promise I will put my best effort in to producing

a bow worth waiting for!”

-Big Jim

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