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Traditional Harvests DVD, Volumes 1-5

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VOLUMES I & II: Nearly two hours of traditional bowhunting hunting with Fred Eichler and friends. More than 20 traditional only hunts for nearly anything that walks the North American continent. Caribou, elk, antelope, whitetail deer, javelina, turkey, mountain lion, wild boar, stingrays, and gar. Also features a special “blooper” section that shows, these guys know how to have fun!

  • More than 20 traditional hunts
  • Caribou, elk, antelope, deer, and much more
  • Special blooper section
  • Nearly two hours long


VOLUME 3: Twelve hunts filmed from all over the country, including some exciting footage of the huge 520 pound bear shot by Dale Karch, owner of 3Rivers Archery.

  • Twelve hunts from all around the country
  • Footage of Dale Karch’s 520 lbs black bear
  • 115 minutes long


VOLUME 4: You won’t want to miss Fred’s unbelievable record book Grizzly bear shot at 20 yards! Many exciting hunts including; polar bear, antelope, deer, turkey, and small game. Extreme hunts in extreme conditions as only Fred Eichler can deliver!

  • Many exciting hunts including; polar bear, antelope, deer, turkey, and small game
  • 86 minutes long


VOLUME 5: Bowhunting action for grizzly bear, elk, caribou, whitetail deer, antelope, black bear, wild boar, mountain lion, and turkey. This one includes Michelle Eichler, traditional bow in hand, on an exciting pronghorn hunt. Traditional Harvests five carries on the Eichler tradition of good clean bowhunting, in fair chase conditions, exhibiting a love of the hunt that’s contagious.

  • Eleven successful bowhunts
  • 74 minutes long

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