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The Complete Fred Bear Collection on DVD

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Over 8-hours of exciting traditional bowhunting with legendary bowhunter Fred Bear. With nothing but his recurve bow and razor sharp broadheads Fred Bear hunts Africa for lion, eland, kudu, elephant, and cape buffalo. Share in the North American adventures of Fred Bear as he bow hunts for huge Kodiak brown bear, majestic Arctic polar bear, dangerous grizzly bear in Canada, stone sheep, dall sheep, elk, moose, mule deer, whitetails and more. (Many of these were new world records at the time.)

These are the historic bowhunts of Fred Bear and his friends like Glenn St. Charles, Ed Bilderback, Keith Clemmons, Dick Mauch, Bob Munger, Bud Gray, Charlie Kroll, and others.

As you watch these movies, you’ll see bowhunting videos as they were meant to be shown. If you’re an old timer, watching these movies will be like putting on a familiar hunting coat that holds a faint scent of campfires past. If you’re new to archery, these hunting movies are rare glimpse into the actual history of traditional bowhunting that documents one of the greatest bowhunters and promoters of archery the world has ever known.

As the narrator in one of the films says, “The bow and arrow is an old heritage, yet always a discovery, and the flight of a good arrow is as true as the skill and the nerve of the man with the bow.”

Fred Bear was a bowhunting pioneer, a sportsman, and a gentleman. A valuable portion of his legacy is stored in these very films. They’re are priceless treasures that we’re all fortunate to have access to.

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