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Gold Tip Shafts (blems)

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


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All blems are sold first come first served. We do not hold orders or allow pre-orders. Blems are mistakes made by the manufacturer. We cannot order blems. They are delivered to us as they become available. What you see here, is what we have in stock. If the size you want is not listed, then it is not available at this time.We update this site first, when we receive a shipment of blems.

The quality of these Gold Tips is excellent.  They’re nice and straight and within specs on spine, they just have cosmetic blemishes.  You can order these with confidence, they’re shooters!

Nocks and inserts are included.  Nock colors vary because that’s the way we get them from the factory.

Available in: 600 spine,  500 spine,  400 spine 340 spine select size from the drop down box .

Shaft SizeWeight Gr/InSpineLengthO.D.I.D.Weight @ 29″
6007.6.60030″.296″.246″220.4 gr.
5008.6.50032″.297″.246″249.4 gr.
4009.3.40032″.302″.246″269.7 gr.
34010.5.34032″.311″.246″304.5 gr.

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