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Bowhunting Reflections DVD

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Subtitled “The Joy of Bowhunting” Bowhunting Reflections is an instructional DVD designed to help you get the most enjoyment out of your archery experience. In addition to nine successful bow hunts, you will learn how to:

  • Incorporate Stump Shooting into Practice Sessions
  • Prepare for an Out of State or International Hunt
  • Determine the Proper Aiming Spot for a Successful Harvest
  • How to Choose the Best Time of the Year to Hunt

Bowhunting Reflections encourages sportsmen to get involved and share outdoor experiences with our youth. Join vintage archers Fred Anderson, Steve Gorr, and friend Chris Hill as they share their exploits and wisdom in a pleasing, rousing, and informative manner. Bowhunting Reflections will keep you spellbound with exquisite wildlife action, and a brilliant and honest description of hunting as practiced by seasoned bowmen. Approximately 90 minutes.

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