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Bowhunting Pressured Whitetails DVD

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VOL Two: Join John Eberhart behind the scenes while he pre-season scouts for pressured mature bucks.

Volume 2 is subtitled “Pre-Season Scouting” and concentrates on the fragile concept of proper pre-season scouting without turning mature bucks nocturnal prior to the season opener. In heavily hunted areas, how you preseason scout will have a bigger impact on early season success than any other factor.

Unlike in other hunting videos, you will learn, in detail, everything you need to know to take mature bucks in regions where heavy hunting pressure has dramatically increased their wariness and ability to evade hunters.

Take years off the learning curve of novice hunters, and will add new insights for seasoned hunters as well. This instructional series is devoted to the hunters that hunt in heavily hunted areas and have no option but to hunt pressured whitetails. Approximately two hours long.

    • Volume 2 includes specific subject matter such as:
  • Primary scrape areas
  • Food sources
  • Agricultural property
  • Big timber property
  • Fresh rubs
  • Water holes
  • Tree preparation
  • Points
  • Funnels from bedding to feeding areas
  • Inside corners of crop fields
  • Bedding areas
  • Saddles
  • Highway travel corridors
  • Standing corn
  • Ground blinds
  • Remote camera’s
  • Other hunters
  • Hunting with a plan
  • The importance of daily and seasonal timing
  • And much more
  • Approximately two hours long

Volume III covers hunting tactics and techniques as well as proper in season scouting. It deviates greatly from what is seen on most TV shows and video’s and will take years off the learning curve of novice hunters, and add many new insights for seasoned hunters. Volume III goes into detail on how, how often, when, and where to use tactics such as rattling, calls, decoys, scents, drags, etc. during season. It goes into detail on when and how to hunt certain terrain features such as short crop field edges, points, bedding areas, timber, funnels, swamps, marshes, ridges, and saddles. It also covers how and when to hunt food sources such as mast trees, fruit bearing trees, standing corn, short crop fields, etc. It also lays out how critical, seasonal and daily timing is to success, plus much more. Volume III has bonus sections on in season hunting gear, state by state Pope & Young statistics, state by state bowhunter densities per absolute square mile, and a photo gallery with photo’s dating back to 1969 for credibility purposes. 2 hours

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