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Bocote Veneers VBOC 026


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Probably one of the most commonly used exotic woods in bow making today. This is likely due to its uniqueness and affordability and that it is readily available. Bocote must be air dried and like Cocobolo, has a fair bit of oiliness that is misrepresented as a problem for gluing.

Bocote works and glues well with epoxy and cyanoacrillics as long as it is at a workable moisture content. Bocote comes in a medium to a dark brown with darker brown stripes and will darken some with age. To add to its uniqueness, it is available in a wide array of different figure patterns.

BOCOTE (Cordia spp.)

Location: Mexico and Central/South America

Average Dry Weight= 53 lbs/ft3

Janka Hardness 2,010 lbf

Ref: The Wood Database

This item measures 36 x 1 1/2 x .025 Bocote

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