Black and White Ebony Veneers VBWE003



One of my all time favorites! This wood can be time consuming to dry and has a propensity to check while wet. However once dry, it works very easily, glues and finishes easily too. Thin cyanoacrillic works well for fixing checks. Black and White Ebony has so many different figure characteristics, it would be hard to describe them all, but they are beautiful and suitable in both risers and veneers. Must be air dried. I usually keep a lot of this on hand.

Black and White Ebony (Pale Moon Ebony)

Location: Laos, Southeast Asia

Average Dry Weight= 51 lbs/ft3

Janka Hardness 1,780 lbf

Ref: The Wood Database

This Item Measures: 36 x 1 3/4 x .025 (2 pieces)

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