Big Jim’s Suede Bow Quivers


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Replacement Foam


Quivers are Custom Made. Please allow additional Shipping Time! Thanks!

Big Jim’s Custom Bow Quiver is “easy-on” and “easy-off” because of the rock solid rubber strap attachment system.

Available in: Medium and Large with a 4 or 5 Arrow Gripper.

Available colors are: Chocolate, Tobacco and Black : Suede Leather.

Note, it is common for there to be small markings in the leather.


The medium quiver will hold 4 average sized broadheads easily and a field point  (Foam dimensions are 3 x 2 inches)

The large quiver will hold 5 broadheads easily (Dimensions are 3 1/2 x 2)

Please remember these are Custom Made Quivers. We do our best to keep all sizes and colors in stock, but please allow a few extra days in case we need to build yours! Thanks!  

Each quiver is hand made. If the foam has been punctured, it can not be returned! We cannot re-sell used leather goods. Thanks!



STEP 1: DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT remove the strap from the slot. As it is pre-inserted prior to shipping.  It must be in this position to install the quiver.

STEP 2: With the strap on one side and the brass post on the other, place the quiver against the bow limb at desired spot (as seen in video) Place thumb by the brass post, press against the limb, grab the strap with your other hand, pull the strap over the opposite side of the limb and secure on post using desired hole. (see video)

STEP 3: Secure bottom section of quiver to bottom limb using the same procedure as for the top section. Be sure to place quiver sections as close to riser as possible and not on working part of limbs as this will result in decreased limb efficiency.


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