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Arrow footings are used to significantly increase the structural integrity of the arrow.  That is paramount when maximizing penetration or making it through a day of killing stumps.

The footings are also beneficial during the arrow tuning process.  Depending on the arrow, the ArraFoot can have a stiffening affect on the shaft.  This can allow for a heavier point weight without changing to a stiffer shaft.

The ArraFoot Carbon Arrow Footing Kit includes three footings approximately 2 inches long and weighing 20+/- grains each.  Also includes a small glue stick.

They are available in 4 sizes:

Size 9   (1 old number)  Will Fit:

Gold Tip Trads in 1535, 3555

Hunters in 3555, 5575 Black

Ultralight 300, 400, 500

Carbon Express Heritage 75, 90


ICS Hunter 400

As well as others.


Size 12   (2 old number)  Will Fit:

Gold Tip Trads in  5575, 7595

Hunters in 5575, 7595 Camo

Big Game 100

Carbon Express Heritage 150, 250, 350

Terminator 4560, 5060, 6075

As well as others.


Size 7  (3 old number) Will Fit:


Axis ST 300, 340, and Trad 400

Epic ST 600

Excell ST 500

As well as others.

Size #5  (4 old number) will fit

Easton Axis 400, 500

Beaman MFX 600 as well as others



Heat glue and spread a small amount onto shaft. Slide footing onto shaft over hot glue leaving flush with end of arrow or insert.

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