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Alpaca Prevail Crew Socks


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Alpaca Prevail Crew Socks

Hikers, bikers, climbers, hunters, skiers, runners, fisherman, ranchers, farmers : How about we just say men and women of all ages around the world thrive on adventure, the adrenaline of achieving the impossible, experiencing the unknown, to the hard work we put in each day. While pushing the limits of going farther, longer and stronger, we must depend on our feet to get us there. This is an invaluable relationship Altera Alpaca takes seriously. Your feet demand the best boots and especially good pair of performance socks.


Altera Alpaca socks are made with premium U.S. Grown alpaca fiber for optimal performance in our adventure world to the work we do every day. Each Altera Alpaca sock is crafted specifically for comfort and performance with the legendary softness of alpaca. Alpaca fibers are superior in strength, naturally water repellent, and have a unique hollow core making them stronger, lighter, and warmer – or cooler – when your feet demand the performance. Altera Alpaca has provided the basis for the first significant improvement in base layer performance in two decades. The rarity and time intensive gathering of the raw materials from our network of small domestic alpaca farmers across the country make all the effort worth it.

Alpaca fibers have a unique hollow core, which aids in their ability to regulate temperature in both cold and hot environments, they are water resistant which helps maintain their warmth value when wet and are lighter and stronger than merino wool. In fact, Alpaca fibers are up to 30% warmer—or cooler—than wool, and have a greater moisture wicking ability and more natural loft. And it doesn’t stop there.

The raw supply of alpaca fiber is processed and cleaned with a biodegradable citrus-based cleaner, making them completely renewable and environmentally sound. Altera High Performance Alpaca Fiber Technology is naturally anti-microbial and flame resistant. In addition, Altera enhances the anti-microbial nature of the fiber with exclusive Silver Infusion Technology, enabling multiple odor-free wears of our alpaca garments without laundering. We call this the the 5 day trail sock.

Did you know that merino wool is a solid fiber, it actually absorbs moisture and many performance merino wool garments are superwashed?! Superwashed is a scouring (washing) process that utilizes an acid bath to remove or rip barbs off the fiber. Then a resin or polymer is then applied to make it soft again. Yikes!

Altera Alpaca is changing your comfort for outdoor adventure. Its time to experience the difference!

Shoe Sizes        Women’s          Men’s

       Small            4-6                   3-5

      Medium       6-10.5                5-9

       Large         10.5 -12.5          9-12

      X-Large     13.5 – 15          12-14



Altera Alpaca offers an Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. If you are not happy with your Altera product, simply contact Altera at  859.481.8810.

Altera will replace or refund your money. We will need to receive the damage item for refund or money back. Returning your damaged item is critical for us to understand any manufacturing challenges.

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